Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

So…. I went for brunch again.

This time the destination was Tom’s Kitchen, in the heart of Chelsea, for a more glamorous brunch, ya.

Chilling in Chelsea with all the yummy mummies secretly makes me want to be one. Having brunch with all the mean girls, *ehem* I mean, gal pals, laughing imbetween delicate sips of Chardonnay. (When I say laughing, I mean that really graceful, hair-swishy, tinkling laugh, not like me snorting into my wine glass and getting it up my nose or something. That’s obviously never happened to me…).

But seriously, my ideal weekend when I’m all grown up with a husband and kids would be me with ma bitches, bloody mary in one hand, and rocking the push chair with the other. (Not in a bad parenting kind of a way though…). I still plan on having a job though, because I think that if I were to do that everyday, the novelty would wear of pretty fast, and I would probably also become an alcoholic. So I’ll be a new wave yummy mummy with a high powered career who still gets to enjoy her weekends. I just need a husband now…

Anyway, back to the present. As I walked in I got a beautiful wiff of truffles and decided that these would have to feature in my brunch, but as soon as I looked at the menu, indecision hit. Thank god I was with Carles who suggested getting an extra dish to share before I even had to say anything. Deciding on this dish was surprisingly quick considering both of us are usually too polite to say what we actually want (A chronic condition of being English, and Carles has clearly acclimatised well). But thankfully we both just really wanted raw meat. When there is tartare on the menu, you get it, because there’s no way you’re ever going to make that at home. (Yes, I realise that was a ridiculous sentence, but you know what I mean).

And ta-da!!

Nice spread right??

My truffly eggs- perfectly soft boiled. Ahhhhh, what sweet heaven!

And Ta-Tare!! (gettit..?)

I love tartare, and I love it when they give you the tabasco separately, because nothing is worse than an over-spiced tartare (I'm not brilliant with fire-y food). My only criticism is that they slightly cooked the yolk. Why? Everything about a tartar should be raw. "Still mooing" as my friend says.

Such a happy bunny!

Wonderful food and even more wonderful company. 

As I said, the food was wonderful, but half the enjoyment of brunch it the practically unlimited time you can spend catching up with an old friend.

After brunch, Carles and I still hadn't had enough of each other, so he lead me to his favourite pub, The Surprise. (What a CUTE name!) Unsurprisingly, it's quite hidden and I can't believe I've never come across it before. It seems astonishing that anything can stay hidden in Chelsea for long, but it's nestle right in the heart of residential Chelsea, just off Burton Court.

Peak in if you're in the area! Or just make it your destination! For a pint and some grub.