Petersham Nurseries

This is the cutest cafe I think I've ever been to. 

I've always dreamt of opening a cafe-cum-fashion boutique, but after today I want to incorporate a gardening shop into my dream cafe.

So, it is a bit of a schlep from central London seeing as it's in Richmond, but oh so worth it and such an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of central London for a slow and peaceful Saturday. 

Even better- follow it up with a walk or cycle around Richmond Park! There are deer!

There's a self-service cafe with warming soups, stews, bakes and frittatas, as well as a proper restaurant, so you can dress it up or down. I actually think the teahouse is the way cuter option, but they're both as beautiful as each other. Both inside a greenhouse surrounded by a veritable forest.

(I also loved how much German I heard around me. The German School is based in Richmond, so most of the German expats with children live there for convenience. Richmond is basically what South Ken is for the French).

First stop: Food & Coffee. The unbeatable duo.

We went to the little canteen with delicious light lunch options and cakes. As I said, there was the option of the 'proper' restaurant, but we much preferred this beautifully informal affair...

Food trayed and payed for, and into the teahouse we go


Simple and delicious: Frittata and rucola salad

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of this beautiful place!

While taking another of the cosy greenhouse, I realise...

I'm with stupid...

Thank god she's my kind o' stupid.

It's a twin thing.

AND there was the MOST beautiful long haired lab!

We became fast friends

Look at that smile!!

Louisa has decided we need one too, and she's going to call him Hagrid. 

My mother won't allow it. She's already decided the next dog will be called Schnitzel.

I'm not joking.

Neither are they.

One day, I'm going to come home to my mother yelling at Hagrid for pissing in the house and Schnitzel for chew her Austrian furniture. Oh sweet irony.

This is going to be a weird thing to say, but even the loos were pretty. I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of loos.... but here's one.

And a loo selfie - the best kind of selfies (sorry)

Fed and watered, we obv had to go through the nursery and the garden shop, looking for something to get for our mum. A £400 garden bench? Yup, that's definitely in the budget. 

Maybe some seeds will do...?

Here are some pictures I pulled off the website for your enjoyment:

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To me, this will forever be the place where even the loos are pretty.

Going here in spring is such a treat. Do it.

Teahouse Opening Hours: (Lunch only)

Tuesday - Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am - 5.00pm

Restaurant Opening Hours:

Restaurant open for lunch only:
Tuesday - Sunday
Reservations from 12.00pm - 3.00pm

As well as Supper Clubs

Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 7AB

020 8940 5230