WHAT a find. 

I'm already planing my return trip because Kate and I had serious trouble choosing from the menu, so we decided we would simply have to go back again. It was a tough decision.

Nothing on their menu is ordinary or boring. There is no such thing as a simple avocado on toast. Everything comes with an extra flourish, from courgette fritters to beetroot sauce and dukkah yogurt.

The cosy little joint was packed and there was sizeable queue outside that thankfully moved quickly (but didn't get any shorter all the time I was there). A constant flow of keen brunchers. A clear sign that this place is well worth the wait.

Please take a look at the queue that greeted me at 10am on Sunday morning.

This joint is far to cool for a website, so you have to look through the photos on their facebook page if you want to study the menu before you go. But don't worry, I've found it for you:

After the queuing, and since I hadn't eaten yet, I was feeling pretty light-headed (#tallpeopleproblems) so all I wanted was food, but first, the all important, foamy cappuccino. I still haven't fallen foul of the flat white fad gripping the nation. A capucco for breakfast is essential and the one thing I will never change about my breakfast order.

Coffee instagram about to happen by us both.... #iphonegeneration


The Food.

Inventive and Delicious.

I was sorely tempted by the beautiful array of pastries and cakes but resisted the temptation and focused on the menu instead.

There were no 'normal' or generic breakfast items on the menu. It was impossible to decide because there were so many delicious sounding and new dishes I had never tried before.

The portions are impressively large and so pretty (I love pretty food).

Courgette Fritters with halloumi, avocado, poached egg, yogurt and dukkah

And Kate had Brioche french toast, vanilla creme fraiche, banana and salted caramel with a side of bacon on top (GAHHHH)

It was SO rich but incredible. Literally amazing. The salted caramel sauce was out of this world. 

How amazing does all that look?!

And here's the demotion site. 

Like I said, it was pretty darn rich (in a good way), so Kate failed to finish her saucy french toast. Instead she got a doggy bag and had dinner sorted for that evening (or just an afternoon snack). Winnnn.

I simply can't wait for a return trip!!

Toodleloo SUNDAY (for now!)

 Photo credit: Sundaycafe

Photo credit: Sundaycafe

A long walk was seriously necessary after that. To the towpath of course.

The guys at The Barge House and the best. Always super friendly and they looked so relieved when we said we didn't want anything to eat! Inside was rammed with brunchers tucking into their famous "breakfast in bread". (Another one on the to-do list)

Coffee and tea outside in the increasingly warm spring sunshine.

Love Sundaze.

(Except when you realise you have to get up at a reasonable hour and go to work the following day...)