Sister Sunday

Last Sunday my lovely twin sister, Louisa, dragged herself away from work, and the countryside, for the weekend, to see her silly little sister (just 2 minutes younger mind you). I really wanted to go to the World Press Photography Competition Exhibition in the Southbank centre so I decided to combine it with food.   

As you may have already guessed by now, I love brunch, and any excuse to go out for brunch is very very welcome. A sister, returned from the sticks, is reason enough. We actually wanted to go to The Wolseley but didn't think to book till the evening before, so we went to its cousin, The Delaunay, instead. Both have an Austrian tinge, but the Viennese influences are stronger at The Delaunay. Given my heritage, I feel very at home here, especially as it reminds me of one of my favourite cities in the world, Salzburg.

We made sure to get there before 11am so that they would still be serving the breakfast menu and not the brunch menu. The breakfast menu has a larger selection of sweet breakfast item and the choice was overwhelming! No really. Huge. Louisa and I couldn't decide on one each, so we decided to throw caution to the winds and seriously went to town. I'm kind of embarrassed how much we ordered. *whisper* We had five dishes between the two of us.... 

BUT - in my defence - you didn't see the menu! It was an impossible choice! Actually, have a look at the menu yourself! Mind boggling, isn't it! (Also, it's brunch, so two meals in one - the perfect excuse!).

I always feel a bit silly taking pictures of my food, especially when I'm somewhere nice, but this time I was so glad for my camera. With my camera in hand, I hoped everyone would assume I was a food critic, and they always order loads of food to test the menu! A  great excuse. Louisa and I were most tempted by the Viennese Specialities like the Rösti - grated potato pancakes. Between us we had Rösti with fried eggs; mashed avocado, tomato and poached eggs on toast; Birchermüesli; fruit salad and Oatmeal Soufflé with plum compote. Yes, you heard right, oatmeal soufflé, it makes porridge seem like peasant food.  

Look at our spread! (The picture isn't the best, but I was too concerned with tucking in to take multiple pictures to get a good angel - sorry, not sorry.)

The avo, egg toast was dreamy. I usually prefer mashed avocado a bit lumpy, but after this I'm seriously reconsidering. 

Ok, the rösti were a seriously unnecessary choice and not the healthiest way to start the day, but I don't care. They were so worth it.

And dear lord the oatmeal soufflé. I don't even know what to say. Who knew that oats could be this light??

It deserved more than one photo...

And last but not least, something so wonderfully Austrian - the coffee. The menu has a special Austrian coffee menu. No americanised Italian coffees that bear little or no resemblance to what is actually served in Italy. Instead they have an Einspänner, Übersstürzter, Kaffee Kirsch, Wiener Kaffee etc.

I opted for the beautiful and yummy Einspänner:

Distinctly fed and watered, we strolled past Somerset House and along Waterloo Bridge to the Southbank Centre for the World Press Photo Exhibition 2015. The categories include Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Nature and Sports, each with a singles and stories subcategory. Some of the photos are incredibly powerful and I really recommend you go, especially since it's free!

I picked out some of my favourite, though these weren't necessarily the prize winners.

This one was incredible, and the first one I saw on entering. It came 3rd in Sports Singles. It depicts the New South Wales Team assisting the batsman Philip Hughes of the opposing South Australian team, after being hit by a ball during a cricket match. He was wearing a helmet but was hit in an unprotected area. After surgery he was put in an induced coma and later died, three days before his 26th birthday. He never regained consciousness.


One from a series of Long Term Projects, by Kacper Kowlski, Second Prize


Another Beautiful one in Daily Life - Singles, 1st Prize


This might be my favourite one, Contemporary Issues - Stories 1st Prize


This series was a little creepy but also very poignant. Nature - Stories 3rd Prize


So incredibly beautiful, Nature - Singles 2nd Prize


I found this one quite funny. Daily Life - Stories 3rd Prize


And lastly, the one below just stood out to me so much. I think we've all been in this situation!

We then wandered back home across Westminster Bridge and Trafalgar Square where we were met by the crowds there for Remembrance Sunday, who we joined.

Someone even made sure Churchill had a poppy!

A successful Sunday, over and out.