Cookies & Cream - Mitte

Yes this place is only vegetarian, but that should not keep you carnivores away! This is a proper experience - for the food and also the venue. The restaurant could hardly be more hidden, down a back alley, past lorries unloading their goods, by which time I was convinced we have taken a wrong turn.  That is until I say the huge wooden chandelier hanging in the loading bay that made me think we must be in the right leave. A harder look and we found a door with a golden plaque outside telling us we had found the right place.

The website itself doesn't even give you directions beyond a slideshow and pictures following two girls on their way there. And it's not even that helpful. If you're coming from Friedrichstrasse, take a right after you pass the Best Western down what looks like the hotel's back door for HGV deliveries. Keep going till you find said wooden chandelier. 

If you can, come here a bit early for drink in the beautiful bar (smoking permitted inside) or sit yourself down there after dinner.

The restaurant is small and intimate so deaf finely book well in advance! Portions are rather small bit the food it excellent so don't let that put you off. 

And as if you didn't already have enought incentive to go here, this is the same venue and ownership as Berlin's famous Cookies club. If you sit in the bar till midnight your will witness the curtains at the back being pulled apart to reveal a huge dance floor and the cookies club. So, you've got into the club without paying entrance or queuing and having had a peaceful dinner. What more do you need?

The club's biggest nights are Tuesday and Thursday (have a look on the website to see who's DJing. Book well in advance, especially if you want to come on these nights  and book a late table so you can skip straight into the club! You won't be the only ones to have this great idea.

I will try and piece together a picture route for you from when you turn into Behrenstsasse next to the Best Western



Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 27492940

Opening: Tues - Sat 7pm