Tea for Two Please

I was desperate for a proper tea with sandwiches, scones and baked goods.

I will admit that tea is one of the more pointless meals in existence, coming only second to the Hobbits' second breakfast, but I was in the mood for doing something fun and pointless, just because. 

I figured the countryside would be full of places serving tea so I put Louisa on a mission to find one. She took me to Bibury which is also verrry popular with the tourist. They arrive literally by the bus load and spend the scheduled hour scurrying around the idyllic town taking pictures


A little further along was the Bibury Manor and gardens where we plonked ourselves.


Louisa walked straight into my shot, so I informed her she was in my way, she said she wanted to be in the picture.....and this was the pose I got.


That said, it shows she is too busy to practice posing in front of a mirror, if only we could all say that we have never spent an embarrassing amount of time staring at, or dancing in front of the mirror.


Our lonesome spot outside by ourselves with intermittent sunshine.


All the other guests were hiding inside rather than brave the sporadically warm English Summer-cum-Autumn. We sat outside as tough skinned Brits. And also because  I hate sitting inside in quiet small places where I feel like people can, or even are, eavesdropping on my conversation. 

Paranoid much?

My first faux pas came when I confidently asked for tea when I marched in at 3pm, thinking it quite obvious that I was expecting to get all the trimming with this. No. I had to specify that I wanted "Afternoon Tea" which seems like a bit of a silly phrase to me. It sounds like one of those Foreign or American coined phrases that has now for some reason stuck in the English vocabulary.

eg. The "British accent" - an even more ludicrous concept than an English accent considering how many different accents there are in England without including the whole of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Rant over. Back to my imminent excessive sugar intake.

We were trying to work out if that shaven sides, afro top hedge trimming was intentional...


When I saw Louisa adding a splosh of milk and a lump of sugar to her tea, I tentatively asked if she even liked tea. We all know adding adding a splish, or even a splash of milk is ok, but adding sugar is a sign that you don't actually like tea. You've just been pressured it by your surrounds or yourself for fear of not fitting to the English way of life. I mean, imagine not being invited to a tea party because you're *hushed tones* "the one that doesn't like tea". You would miss out on all the cake! The real reason we all throw tea parties. Aaaand you could miss the weekly gossip-fest - probably the purpose tea parties were initially intended for.

Louisa, sceptically ending towards the tea... 


A tentative sip....


Mmmm, surprise! It's quite good (though by now it's just milk and sugar with undertones of Earl Grey).


Hardcore in a t-shirt, but it did get a bit annoying and chilling when the temperature dropped about 10 degrees every time the sun disappeared behind a cloud, so we headed in for the huge sofas.


And of course the tea selection!

Oh hello there! 


Some sugar, with a bit more sugar and a side of sugar please. 

Strawberry jam and clotted cream of course, squishy chocolate chip biscuits, an inventive strawberry and cream macaroons and a rather bland mini Madeleine.


The Viennese swirls were crumbly and delicious, as were the red velvet cupcakes with a really excellent vanilla pod icing. (I don't like chocolate mouse so I can't tell you what that was like, my bad)


The scones were still warm and perfect, but the sandwich were unfortunately stale and the fillings less than inventive. Egg mayo, one turkey, one ham and one that Louisa accurately described as someone having scraped off the top of a cheap margherita pizza.


Scone time!! (And please, it's "scone" like "won", not "scone" like "stone")

Apparently there's also some controversy regarding jam on clotted cream, or clotted cream on jam, when preparing your scone....? There must be some buzzfeed article about what it says about you, but I'd like to know your views on the matter.

To me it only makes sense to spread the cream first and then jam on top as it's much harder to spread the cream on the jam, right?


We worked out way our of our sugar coma by taking a stroll around the idyllic village of Bibury. 

I joined the tourists scurrying around trying to take as many pictures as possible in the allocated hour they had for this particular stop before they had to return to their coaches for their tour of the English countryside. 


World's greatest photobomb coming next

We picked up supplies for dinner on the way back home as well as some loom bands - apparently this is a new craze that has passed me by. They're a bit like those scooby doo bands that I was obsessed with when I was 11, except you can make bracelets with loom bands.

Here's the one I made

Mine's quite amateur but Louisa got rather good at them after watching a youtube tutorial

Oh, the concentration...

I then had some fun making flapjacks and cooking dinner.

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