Southwarking through the Real Food Market

The weekend street food market just a hop across the River from the Embankment. Quite crowded but I am such a sucker for this kind of thing that I don't care.

I got a bit flustered by the wealth of choice so I perused first, and what wasn't there! But we were feeling very critical...


Looks beautiful but we figured we could make that at home and should be more adventurous, so Next!

Koshari Street

Egyptian vegetarian street food

I had done my homework before coming checking out the stalls online and was sure that I was going to have this for lunch. They offered me and many of the passers by a taster and I was unfortunately a bit disappointed. It was ok, but I didn't come to a street food market for 'ok' or 'good'. I want an explosion of taste, a carnival for the tastebuds, an unparalleled taste sensation or whatever it is food critics write about.

So again, Next!


Korean, Mexican BBQ fusion. (Korean Burrito -> Korrito, nice word play people.)

Big fan of Asian fusion food, and so is Alice, so she had found her lunch and the pressure was on for me to find something before hers got cold!

House of Sverre

All of the Salmon! It looked so good but the small open sandwiches were a bit too small, but very good value at £3 each.

You can also buy salmon to take home with you.

Image 3.jpg

These people seriously know their stuff. They make a difference between the neck, belly and tail of the fish.

Neck - hung highest in the smoke so receives a light smoking and develops a "creamier and more delicate taste"

Belly - thickest part of the salmon. It's "luxuriously buttery, sweet and mild" and they say it's a great introduction to a House of Sverre salmon.

Tail - thinner and hung lower in the smoke so has a much richer more intense flavour. Being thinner it also receives a more intense cure and comes out lean, firm and a little meaty much like a Parma ham.

You don't have to come here for this salmon. They're also at Borough Market on Wednesdays and their restaurant, but call ahead for reservations as they travel around London a lot. See here on their website for their location.

Coq au Vin

I settled on this. No regrets.

Some very fancy chicken here: "With accolades from Heston Blumenthal, Giorgio Locatelli, John Torode and Gordon Ramsay, Chris’ free-range chickens are among the most highly regarded in the country. "

Don't really care if Ramsay liked them, but I did. Really good. Came with potatoes, salad and coleslaw, but I ditched the latter.

We plonked ourselves on the raised seating area in centre soaking up the very last of the English summer,

with a view on to the London Eye and the fairground


A very tempting, budget offer... but I think not.

Of course there was also a fresh juice bar with all sorts of combiations. I had watermelon and Alice, orange and cranberry. Delicious and not too sweet.

And we washed all thins down with an Ethiopian Coffee, the apparent birthplace of coffee.

What a dude


We browsed the mouthwatering display of sweets but were too full after our lunch to indulge.

Here is my blog minion with the spoils

There were chocolate fudge smartie crumble brownies! What a mouthful!

There was some serious brownie competition from the bad brownie company (not sure why they chose this name...). On the right their award winning salted caramel brownie.

And some other treats

There were so many other options most of which I can't even remember. A gnocchi bar, creperie, curry, breads, moroccan, pasties, sweet and savoury tarts, cakes, brownies, churros, cheeses, hams and confit duck burgers which I HAVE to come back for

And let's not forget the traveling Bloody Oyster Bar

Contact them here if you want this at your next party!, 07939960717

Check out the Real Food website to see what awaits you each weekend!

We took stroll around the Southbank Centre for the Festival of Love ...

...and came across an excellent masseuse and therapist giving free 10 minute Chinese therapy massage - I mean, why not?

Hair up and ready to relax


She had some serious muscle and I could feel the awful knots in my back clicking as she worked them out. I am seriously considering booking a proper message at their studio by Southwark. It wasn't a relaxing massage as such but I immediately felt so much better and looser after those 10 minutes. I wouldn't have believed it. 

Breathe - London Therapies

Inside and out looked a bit like a mini carnival, or like where I would image a circus / clown convention to be held

 That must have taken a while...

That must have taken a while...

The indoor festival was cool, but the food market was waaaay better. Take some time next weekend and head their for lunch with a friend!