A Potter around Fulham

You may have noticed by now that I'm rather potty about pottery. Love painting, drawing, glueing, sticking, folding etc. The English don't really have a satisfactory word for this. Arts & Crafts isn't quite right, the French would call it 'bricolage' and the Germans 'Basteln', but the English are left scrabbling around for a word. Well, actually they're not because it's not really a done thing in this country beyond the age of 10. Whereas in Germany you can 'bastel' as long as your failing eyesight permits it.

 "A little apron for a little person" (the children's aprons...)

"A little apron for a little person" (the children's aprons...)

I roped in 3 school friends to go with me, some fellow enthusiast, others less enthusiastic but happy for a chance to gossip, reminisce on the good old days and discussing the youth of today. (Yes, we are all 22 and feel ancient. Especially when we see girls who were in their first year at school when we were in our last, now being served in a pub. I cry a bit, then laugh, then remember to stop as it's just deepening the crows feet). 


You wouldn't believe how long it took to decide what to paint. The selection was vast and we are indecisive. The latter was more of an issue.

Immaturity was exercised. We were at school together when we were 13+, so we reverted back to that age.

Here's the jug I was working on, here's hoping it will look good once it's been fired!


A look into Emma Bridgewater to see the real deal following our amateur approaches...

... and then we headed further into Fulham for a spot of lunch and ended up here.

I really would recommend it if you're in the area! Perfect for a good quick lunch. A quick lunch doesn't have to be a Pret sandwich! There are so many other options if you know where to go or take the time to have a look.


Mmmmm my mezze platter: Love tzatziki

And Izzy's bacon and maple syrup pancakes, I have to say I have never really understood this combination but it looks quite good


Kafe Inn

670 Fulham Road
London SW6 5RX

On the way to the tube we looked into one of the best charity shops I have ever been to. I am a huge fan of charity shops because you never know what you might find and it's never overpriced.

Point and case - Izzy found a Halston Heritage gown for £40 !!!!

You might remember it from a few seasons ago:

Trinity Hospice

785 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5HD