Nottingham Bar

We have decided that, as much as eating out in the evenings is fun, in Italy it is more fun, and also economical to go out for drinks or aperitivi.

If you arrive before 9, or later in some bars, they will still be serving a delicious and generous buffet of hot and cold food. The rule- not to order the same drink twice in a month. This sounds like a tall order, but so far it hasn’t been tough. Most of the bars we have chosen have extensive menus as well as variations on the classics.

Nottingham Forrest (great name, I know)

It's famed for its enormous menu. The only criticism I have is that is its possibly too long, I just couldn’t read it all, but still felt like I might be missing something- oh the difficulties I face. Here it is:

Their reputation is also based on their presentation. They even have a Dexter cocktail, that arrives in a box covered in plastic that you have to work your way into! The food is sparse, but that’s not really what you’re coming here for

I had the Eletta cocktail that arrived in a little oriental box, it was fresh and delicious! And Cosima’s Hugo below

On our second visit we also had Sophie in tow and got a seat inside

Sophie got the "erotica" drink with a free lip balm, both of which had a bizarre effect of her. A sip of that delicious elixir had similar effects on us too...


And I finally tried the Dexter drink (this will only mean something to you if you've watched the series)


Gloves on and starting to work my way, knife in hand


I'm afraid I took the whole Dexter thing a bit too seriously and got too excited channeling the theme


Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milano, Italy
+39 02 798311