Botega Caffe Cacao

Located on Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, just slightly out of the heart of Brera district and the streets “affolated” by tourists, this charming caffe/botega draws Italians and tourists alike. Never too full, and also not empty enough to feel like you’re being constantly watched. It serves both substantial bites, like pizza by the slice as well as lighter, healthier options like salads. The interior channels America in the 50s and is very cosy with seating inside and out.


Despite being so central, sitting outside was surprisingly peaceful and allowed me to set up camp for a bit with an iced coffee.


Next to me is a table of older Italian gentlemen, that remind me of one of the many idiosyncrasies of Italians that I love. Italian towns and cities are not run by the gossip of women, but the gentlemen.

Sitting around, sipping their coffee they embody the hart and soul of the Italian social scene while their wives lovingly prepare dinner at home for them, their children, grandchildren and children-in-law. 


Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 12,

20121 Milan