Mint Garden Cafe

I seems that garden interiors are extremely popular and fashionable at the moment. There are quite a few cafes like this in Milan with names like "Garden" and "Flower" in them. I am a big fan of this idea, its adorable and so beautiful to be inside of.


The waiter were also so so friendly and kept trying to speak to me in english (very helpful but not what I'm here for!), but when I kept replying in Italian they got the point and encouraged me. And I made a new friend too! Look!!

The obligatory "Coffee-and-book" photo, sorry! (I'm trying to reread all of my uni texts)

It's all gone! Seriously, cappuccino are just so delicious here. Far more than any I have ever had in England.


Adorably prepared!


Via Casati 12, vicino a Porta Venezia