OM Food

I keep stumbling across these adorable cafe/bistros and wanting to given myself a pat on the back for having found them, but I think the truth of the matter is that there are so many more of these in Milan than I expect. 

That said this is the first I have seen in a courtyard. All of the old Italian Palazzi have courtyards in the middle dating back to Roman architecture (Caecilius in atrium est, for those of you who remember your school Latin lessons). This little octagonal one was so beautiful and cool despite the sweltering heat outside. The Romans did know a thing or two about practical architecture.

IMG_1522 (1).jpg

The perfect place to write a letter, or a self-indulgent blog post. One or the other, take your pick, I did both.


And outside were these beauties:


Corso Magenta, 12

20123 Milano