The Fake Duke Dumont

As ever we had a guest and so had devised a tourist plan to show off our favourite parts of Berlin and also, rather selfishly, a chance for us to work through our extensive bucket list.

The most exciting part of the weekend was our night out in Ritter Butzke where Duke Dumont would be DJing. We were getting hyped with his new song I Got U

The club was obviously quite full so one of our number had the great idea (I cannot take the credit here, although I wish I could) to just open the gate and walk straight into the DJ booth like we were allowed to, so we spent the rest of the night dancing on a stage behind Duke Dumont with more space than we needed. #englishladettesontour.

Tilly and I spent most of the night trying to get closer to Duke, who we thought was being very lazy really just watching the DJ and not doing anything himself. They guy at the decks was really friendly though and turned around to shake our hands. Turns out Tilly and I were having a spectacular mare (as per) and the guy we though was Duke, wasn’t, surprisingly enough it was the guy at the DJ decks who shook our hand. We only realised this the next morning though after having asked the ‘fake’ Duke Dumont for a photo… Best part was that this randomer arrogantly said no!

The next morning we recovered with the incredible breakfast buffet at Nest

And a walk around Kreuzberg and to the Mauerpark. Naturally we came across  Photoautomat that we had to stop in, and outside

The evening before we went to one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to called Spindler & Klatt, which clears most of the tables away at midnight and becomes a huge club. It’s right on the Spree in an old warehouse (big surprise in Berlin) with an outdoor area right on the river which looks very cool in the dark. The loos were also in old shipping containers! The restaurant itself was cool but I have rarely experience such an arrogant and rude waitress.