Museo del Risorgimento

An incredibly and unfairly undersold Museum. Maybe it's because people tend to go to art museum when on holiday, but I have to say I prefer a history lesson every so often. Many tend to forget that Italy was only unified in the 19th century and that it had a very fraught history leading up to that moment. The museum's history lesson starts in the Napoleonic times and proceeds through the famous Five days of Milan, 18-22 March 1848, to Garibaldi and the Risorgimento.

I found all these paintings of the siege so amazing and I couldn't help thinking that just exchanging the green on the flag for blue (Tricolore -> Tricolor) and I could easily be a painting of the French Revolution. Why is it that everyone know of that part of history in France, but the fewest of us know of the reunification in Italy and all its ups and downs?


I found this chair on the way in and have decided that I NEED it (In the say way that one always 'needs' a new handbag...)