An Alternative Berlin by Night

Liz and I had our fair share of adventures on our weekend. Friday night we went to Rosi’, one of my favourite clubs in Berlin as it never too crowed and has plenty of different rooms playing different music so even my attention span isn’t challenged. 

That said, I did still take a trip to the caravan outside when it got a bit too hot inside


The more risqué adventure was the trip to the Spree Park in the dark (I am deathly afraid of the dark). The Spree Park is a fairground that has now been closed for around 10 years but no one has bothered to invest the money to either have it renovated or torn down, so it just sits their, asking to be explored. The story it that the fair ground had been used as a front for some drug smuggling ring, so it was then closed down. It’s obviously barred to the general public but we, like many before us, decided to disregard this and climb in. 

After half an hour, when my nerves had calmed down slightly (read: I was no longer on the verge of wetting myself) and I was coming to term with my newly discovered rebellious nature, and THE DARK! Then the bloody ferris wheel started moving! I think I might have experienced a minor heart attack. Amongst other things we found a somewhat unkempt playground


The spookiest and most run down of the ex-attarction hast to be the dodgems rink.

And then we finally got caught and kicked out by an aggressive man and his even more aggressive dog. Though it took embarrassingly long to realise that he was telling us to get the hell out. We just though he was a man taking his dog for a walk, having broken in the same as us. And don’t worry, I don’t have a photo of this, as for once I decided this was not the moment to whip out my camera.