Happy Life = Healthy, Balanced Attitude

*By 'healthy attitude' I mean not going to extremes like only eating uber healthy food, gyming everyday, and being too self-critical. I mean all things in moderation, (even moderation).

"Usually healthy" is pretty much how I would describe my cooking and myself.

Naturally, ambition and drive are important, but you should also take time to acknowledge your achievements and enjoying them before you head straight on to more. 

Basically, be kind to yourself & look after yourself (body and mind). This is a very cliched statement, I know, and makes me sound like a basic, vanilla, white girl, but I'm not. Don't worry. There are just some people who need reminding of this more than others. A less self-critical and ambitious person won't have trouble remembering to treat themselves, but some of us need reminding, and actually a lot of training to be ok with sitting back and relixing once in a while. We all have a friend like that, who finds it hard to accept a compliment and will always reply with a comment that brushes of their achievements as unimportant. They see their achievements as a given and especially not worth a comment if they didn't get 100%. But they need to realise that getting 80% once in a while is fine, and more importantly, that achievement doesn't actually make them happy. It satisfies them, gives them a sense of achievement, but not the sort of happiness you get from your friends and family. Cut back back on one, in order to have more of the other. And most importantly, realise that that is ok. Life is long and you can't go through decades compromising on your own happiness, without it taking a serious toll on you. At the very least, you will have a sever midlife crisis.

For me this translates roughly into :

BODY: Healthy food day-to-day, as well as baking with normal sugar and gluten-full flour (none of this fake cake business- just treat yo' self). Indulging every so often and not beating myself up about it.

MIND: Sports and keeping active out of the house by exploring London, going out for dinner or brunch with friends or having diner parties at home. With wine. And of course, PJ movie nights by myself, because it's ok to enjoy your own company and want to be alone once in a while.

I just finished 4 years studying at Oxford, with a year abroad in Berlin and Milan. Now I am back at home in Londontown as one of the 8.6 million inhabitants of London.

I love experimenting in the kitchen, as well as eating out. The kitchen is the closest I'll ever get to Dexter's Laboratory or a potions dungeon, so I have to satisfy myself with that. I love trying out new restaurants, particularly going out for brunch. It's ze best. Going out for brunch just feels so extravagant and luxurious, but is actually less expensive than going out for dinner and it's two meals for the price of one. It's a win-win really. 

My approach to food and cooking is very simple, I eat healthily but also love the occasional slice of cake. I occasionally try 'clean baking' which is fun, but I prefer 'normal' baking with gluten-full flour, refined sugar and vegan-unfriendly butter. Simply, it tastes better. And it's not like I have cake for every meal, so once in a while won't kill me. (And it doesn't cost a bomb!) I also don't think it's good for you to continually restrict and not allow yourself a so called 'treat'. If you do, you'll either end up being unhappy or that smug, fit, health-food obsessed friend, and nobody wants to be around either of those people.

Lastly, I love music. I lived in Berlin for half a year and predictably became a bit obsessed - cliché, I know. I tend to post what I'm listening to at the moment. From Tay-Tay to soul, electronic and house.

Enjoy! (Or don't- whatever you want)